Nominations Open for AHDB Awards

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AHDB is currently seeking nominations of outstanding individuals for two prestigious awards, which will be presented at this year’s National Potato Industry awards at Harrogate Convention Centre on the first night of BP2019 (20 November).

This is the first time the awards will be held as part of a larger ceremony, which is being hosted by the Potato Review.

Sophie Churchill, chair of AHDB Potatoes, said: “AHDB Potatoes continues to support the industry’s leaders in marketing, innovation, research and development, and by presenting these awards each year, it recognises the dedication and entrepreneurial spirit of those high-achievers who have made outstanding contributions to the overall GB potato industry.

“While the awards are partly about thanking them for their efforts, they also allow us to highlight the breadth of knowledge, innovation and talent this sector possesses, and the fantastic opportunities which are available to the next generation in the potato industry.

“If you know someone who has devoted much of their working life to the sector, or you are impressed by the enthusiasm and diligence demonstrated by someone with just a handful of years’ experience, then please do put their names forward, as they could be one of our winners.”

AHDB Awards

British Potato Industry Award

This is a lifetime achievement award – for those who have dedicated their career to the potato industry and whose efforts have benefited the industry significantly

Above & Beyond Award

Recipients of the ‘AHDB Potatoes – Above and beyond award’ can be at any stage of their career, but must have made a difference to the potato industry with a significant contribution (or contributions) in the last five years.

The deadline for nominations is Monday 7 October


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