NRH Engineering launches new range of crimper rollers

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British agricultural machinery manufacturer NRH Engineering has launched a new Crimper Roller.

Crimping is an established practice in the USA and increasingly popular in the UK with farmers looking to create a weed-suppressing mat from their cover crops without using chemicals. As well as killing the cover crop, crimping improves soil health as nutrients from the crimped crop filters into the soil.

Developed in Yorkshire, NRH’s Crimper ‘Bruzer’ Rollers are available from 3m to 6m. The crimpers’ tube is thick walled with a 406mm diameter which can be ballasted. The blades are 125mm wide and made from Hardox giving the added advantage of being hardwearing material. Like all NRH Front presses,the frames are made from 8mm thick box and are self-steering. 

NRH’s ‘Bruzer’ Rollers will roll, cut and bruise the grass every six inches and are designed to work with direct drills to plant seed directly into the mulch mat.

“The farming community has discussed and debated the effectiveness of crimping for several years now,” says Neil Hopwood, director of NRH Engineering. “However, in the last couple of years, we have received an increasing number of enquires from farmers who are considering crimping as a way of reducing their use of chemicals and tillage.

“Crimping has been very successful in the United States and we think it will grow in popularity over here, that’s why we have developed these new rollers. The first batch of rollers will be available to buy in the next few months”

NRH Engineering’s crimper rollers start at £6,550 for a 3m set.

Established in 2005, NRH Engineering manufactures a wide range of agricultural machinery. Its large range of Front-Mounted Presses, Subsoilers, Cambridge Rollers and Coil Packers are all made to order in Seaton Ross, York. 

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