OptiYield launch Consortium-Plus

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Consortium-Plus is a new and improved formulation of Consortium-Z now on offer from OptiYield.

Consortium-Plus incorporates 15.5 times more microbes and includes one new species that has been shown to release auxins, small peptides, volatiles and other active metabolites into the rhizosphere, which promote root branching and nutrient uptake capacity, thereby boosting plant growth and yield.

Previously, Consortium-Z was a liquid and was combined with another liquid organic, high-carbon food source called BugBoost. The new formulation is a soluble, dispersible powder, with increased microbial percentage and additional microbial species. Consortium-Plus now incorporates a completely new soluble powder based high-carbon, natural plant growth stimulant and microbial food source rich in amino acids, as well as humic and fulvic compounds.

Trials have consistently shown that the Consortium range delivered the most prolific crop response when used in conjunction with BugBoost yielding both increases in tuber numbers and marketable yields, averaging between 12-20% depending on variety, soil type and circumstance.

Consortium-Plus has been designed to improve soil health where it has been compromised by both poor cultivation/rotational practices and the overuse of inputs such as fertilisers, fungicides, nematicides and insecticides. The use of additional soil microbes should be considered a fundamental part of soil asset management and therefore critical to crop performance year on year.

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