Phillippa Overson and Tim Short join BASF from Bayer

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Phillippa Overson and Tim Short have joined BASF’s agricultural marketing team from Bayer CropScience.

Phillippa has taken up the role of Market Manager for Cereal Herbicides and PGRs, whilst Tim becomes UK Marketing Campaign Manager for Crop Protection.

Prior to joining BASF, Phillippa was Bayer’s Combineable Herbicide Campaign Manager, where she worked covertly as the company’s @DrBlackgrass. Prior to this role, Phillippa was Bayer’s product manager for combinable fungicides, responsible for launches including, SiltraXpro and fluopyram into OSR. She also worked for Monsanto in the company’s sales team, where she became BASIS qualified in 2008.

Phillippa is not from a farming background, having studied for a BSc in experimental psychology at the University of York; her entry into the agricultural market came via an opportunity with UAP, now part of Agrii.

“I’m working in an industry that I love and I’ve joined BASF at such an exciting time; we have an outstanding fungicide and herbicide pipeline due to market from the end of this decade,” she says. “What better opportunity is there than to be working on the pre-launch of a new black-grass herbicide with a new mode of action for cereal crops when we have such challenges with this debilitating weed?”

Tim Short, held the role of Wheat Combinable Fungicides Product Manager at Bayer, prior to this he was a commercial technical manager for Bayer following two years as a management graduate with the company. Tim is an Australian, with a BSc in Agricultural Economics from the University of Sydney.

At BASF, Tim will be focusing his attentions on another important launch for BASF – that of Revysol. “It’s such a privilege to be working on the pre-launch of such important and much-needed new chemistry,” he says.

He will also be responsible for the campaign activity for BASF’s cereal fungicide range, which includes market leading products such as Adexar and Librax, as well as taking on responsibility for Seed Treatments. As part of this he will be orchestrating BASF’s bold new Real Results initiative which aims to partner 50 farmers in conducting cereal fungicide trials over the coming 12 months.

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