Grain trade groups call for positive approach to EU-UK relations

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Following  the  official Article  50 notification to  the  European  Council  by  the UK Government, the formal
UK Exit negotiations are expected to pending the Council Guidelines.

The  UK  plays  an  important  role  for the  agri-business sector with agricultural  production,  trade  and processing supply chains highly integrated with the rest of Europe. The maintenance and strengthening of the Single Market is therefore fundamental for the EU traders and operators.

COCERAL, the European grain trade organisation, and UNISTOCK, the organisation which groups operators of stores for bulk agricultural commodities, expect the negotiations to be carried out and concluded in a positive manner; resulting in a balanced agreement which would not jeopardize established and future trade and business relations across the Channel.

COCERAL President  Jaana Kleinschmidt stated: “We  look  to  the  Council and  EU  negotiators to ensure adequate access for  the  UK to  the EU Single Market and  vice  versa, including  the  prevention  of  tariffs, indirect taxes or regulatory barriers that could affect the trade and existing good business practices.”

”Businesses wish  to  see the European  Union  and  the  United  Kingdom  maintain common  customs practices and clearance  procedures.  We ask  the  Council  and  Exit  Negotiators  to  take the necessary precautions to safeguard existing integrated  supply  chains between the  UK  and rest  of Europe, said Gilles Kindelberger, UNISTOCK President.

The  guidelines  for  the exit negotiations as  well  as on  the  agreement  and  arrangements  for the UK’s withdrawal and post-exit EU are of utmost importance to COCERAL and UNISTOCK members.

To provide an in-depth analysis to the EU Negotiators as well as to prepare the trade sector for the post-Brexit  regulatory  environment, COCERAL has  established  a  Taskforce  of  Experts.  The  newly  established Taskforce will  be assessing the market  and  regulatory developments, and  will  be  delivering  policy recommendation along the process.

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