Pulses UK is the new name and image for BEPA (British Edible Pulse Association)

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“Pulses UK is the new name and image for BEPA, and is the association made up of Growers, Processors, Merchants, Packers and Manufacturers,” announced Franek Smith, President, Pulses UK at the organisation’s re-launch.

“Our main aims are to encourage the production of pulses in the UK, to encourage the consumption of pulses both in the UK and worldwide – with a focus on British, and to further the education of the UK public regarding the production and consumption of pulses.

 “Examples of our outreach to target audiences include our school days with 14,500 visitors, the Open Farm Weekend with 12,500 visitors, and exhibiting at the Cereals Event with over 18,000 attendees from agriculture and agribusiness.

“We are also developing our links and relationships with Parliament and the Government to express and stress the importance of pulses, and we are now members of APPG Food & Health Forum and Members of APPG Agroecology.

“We connect worldwide and have strong links with Pulse Canada, Pulse Australia, USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council, India Pulses and Grains Association and the Global Pulse Confederation.”

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