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With more focus on Soil health and a balanced Crop Nutrition programme, Payne Crop Nutrition(PCN) has now launched two innovative additions to their portfolio of products adding potential value to farmers and growers–

1) Carbon from Humic substances with a spectrum of Amino-acids powered by Orgamino-N13 granules is now available to be added to any Bespoke Fertiliser blend or straights such as TSP, MOP,DAP .

Jeremy Hitcham

Jeremy Hitcham

It is common knowledge that soils for decades have been becoming less healthy mainly due to intensive farming which has been destroying soil structures, loss of microbial activity and contributing to nutrient efficiency loss. High yields are not just due to good Crop Nutrition. Many other factors contribute to soil health.Two such factors are Soil Carbon and Organic matter. Both have consistently been dropping each year. ‘Soil Carbon provides the fuel for the microbial activity, which helps free up soil available nutrients for root uptake. Humic substances help improve Cation-Exchange-Capacity thus improving moisture retention and promotes breakdown of soil and plant toxin’s ’ says Jeremy Hitcham, technical director of PCN.

2) Following the Circular Economy, Recycled ZM-Grow foliar applied micronutrient launch in the UK & Ireland April 2019, PCN is now offering ZM-Grow coated fertiliser blends and straights with 100% sulphate based Zinc and Manganese .’Coating every granule is an efficient way to apply these micronutrients and research shows it may be beneficial to apply small starter amounts of soil applied Zn and Mn, even on high pH soils due to the 100% sulphate based nutrient content’, says David Harrod, commercial director of PCN.

Whilst Zinc deficiency is seen in 10-15% of UK field crops, often on sandy soils with high pH and phosphate. Manganese is one of the most common micronutrient deficiencies especially in sugar beet, potato, OSR, maize  cereals and vegetable crops.

Coating fertiliser with ZM-Grow works in parallel with a foliar applied strategy during GS13-GS39, following Agronomy based Leaf analysis to check deficiencies.

‘Both these innovative product additions fit well with our Healthy Soils – Healthy Crops strategy’ says Mr Hitcham.

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