Reminder to apply for agricultural dispensation to move wide vehicles ahead of harvest

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NFU Scotland is reminding farmers and crofters to apply for an agricultural dispensation to Police Scotland for wide vehicle movements ahead of harvest time.

Last year, the Union agreed with Police Scotland that the scheme would mean that members with wide vehicles can apply for the dispensation to avoid having to notify police for each individual movement.

Police notification is required if a vehicle, or implement, is over 3m in width and is travelling more than five miles, or travelling on any road with a speed limit of less than 40mph.

Using the pro forma members should fill in the required details and email this to Please note this email address has changed from last year.

On receipt of this form, if Police Scotland is happy, it will issue a dispensation letter. It is important that on receipt this is checked for the duration it covers, as well as any individual requirements which may have been stipulated by Police Scotland.

Members wishing to make a one-off movement with a wide vehicle can apply to Police Scotland for a one-off movement, providing at least 48 hours’ notice of the intended movement.

NFU Scotland members looking for more information in relation to wide vehicle movement requirements can seek advice from the free helpline for transport and vehicles.

Jamie Smart, Legal and Technical Committee Chairman, who runs NFU Scotland’s agricultural transport and vehicle helpline, commented: “It is vital that ahead of the busy harvest season NFU Scotland members ensure that if they require a dispensation, they have applied for this and had this returned from Police Scotland.

“The Union has worked hard to put this in place for farmers and crofters over the last 18 months, and it is of benefit to save those carrying out wide vehicle movements time and effort in applying for a dispensation.

“The dispensation document should be carried in vehicles pertaining to it, and produced in the event that the vehicle is stopped by Police Scotland.”

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