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Between 1 December and 16 January, farmers in Severn Trent priority catchments can sign up to dispose of unwanted pesticides through the water company’s free, COVID-secure Pesticide Amnesty scheme.

Adam Freer, Severn Trent senior catchment management scientist, explains that the scheme will help farmers remove chemicals that are generally difficult or costly to dispose of, while reducing the risk they pose to water quality and the environment.

“On a first come, first served basis, each farm can anonymously dispose of up to 75 litres or kilograms of pesticides, herbicides or rodenticides that have been banned or are passed their expiry date, through our expert disposal partner, Chemastic,” he says.

“This scheme also acts as a great reminder for farmers to review their stores, helping to ensure Red Tractor guidelines are met, while minimising the chance of environmental contamination.”

How it works:

  1. Check whether you’re in a priority catchment here:
  2. Register your details with Chemastic by calling 01287 213155 or emailing between 1 December 2020 and 16 January 2021
  3. You will be required to provide the following details:
  • Catchment name and code from the table below
  • Product name
  • Active ingredient and concentration
  • Weight and volume of the product in containers
  • Collection address, two contact phone numbers and an email address
  1. After the registration period has closed, Chemastic will arrange a suitable collection date with you, ensuring all current COVID-19 government guidelines are adhered to
Catchment Name Code
Avon 01
Cound 02
Cropston 03
Haseley Springs 04
Leam 05
Lower Derwent 06
Staunton Harold 07
Middle Severn 08
Shropshire Middle Severn 09
Teme 10
Tittesworth 11
Upper Derwent 12
Whitacre 13
Worcester Middle Severn 14
Notts Boreholes (Bestwood, Boughton, Rufford) 18
Mitcheldean 19
Dove –Derbyshire 20
Ogston – Derbyshire 21
Amen Corner (Groundwater) – Nottinghamshire 22
Astley (Groundwater) – Worcestershire 23
Beckbury (Groundwater) – Shropshire 24
Bellington (Groundwater) – Worcestershire 25
Bratch (Groundwater) – South Staffordshire 26
Budby (Groundwater) – Nottinghamshire 27
Budby Forest (Groundwater) – Nottinghamshire 28
Chequer House (Groundwater) – Nottinghamshire 29
Clipstone and Clipstone Forest (Groundwater) – Nottinghamshire 30
Copley (Groundwater) – South Staffordshire 31
Grindleforge (Groundwater) – Shropshire 32
Hatton (Groundwater) – Staffordshire 33
Hilton (Groundwater) – Shropshire 34
Newent (Groundwater) – Gloucestershire 35
Puleston Bridge (Groundwater) – Shropshire 36
Tack Lane (Groundwater) 37



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