Sencrop acquisition creates Europe’s largest real-time farm weather network

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Sencrop, pioneer of ultra-local, on-farm weather data, has announced the acquisition of sensor specialist Visio-Green.

The acquisition allows more than 10,000 farmers to connect to Sencrop’s data-driven platform, consolidating its position as the European leader in connected agricultural weather data.

Visio-Green’s sensor expertise and solid partnerships with European co-operatives, unions and associations will allow Sencrop to fast-track its development of robust, community-based solutions focusing on collaborative and co-operative work practices. Sencrop hopes its platform will see agro- distribution players and other service providers offering more personalised advice to their customers, as well as tools promoting high-precision farming. Visio-Green’s 1,800 stations will be assimilated into the Sencrop network, supported by Sencrop’s 50-strong team at its headquarters in Lille, France.

More than 400 British farmers, including cereal growers, fruit growers and vineyards, are Sencrop subscribers, using the network of accessible and collaborative ‘smart’ agro-weather stations to improve day-to-day decision-making and access personalised, ultra-local recommendations, based on metrics such as rainfall, leaf wetness, wind speed, humidity and temperature.

Just last month the UK’s largest supply-only water company, Affinity Water, started using the Sencrop network in sensitive catchment areas. The stations – in a shared, private network – help farmers address stewardship issues on active substances such as carbetamide and propyzamide, optimising the timing of their spray applications.

Emmanuel Vauquelin, CEO of Visio-Green and parent company Latitude GPS, adds:

“We felt that Sencrop was the ideal partner for us. Martin and Michael have succeeded in establishing their collaborative solution – now a market leader – within the French and European landscape in just three years, not forgetting the ever-growing team (now numbering 50 employees) on hand to guide our customers through this transition process.”


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