Sepentrio unveils new dual antenna reciever

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Septentrio has unveiled the AsteRx SB ProDirect, a new compact and robust integrated heading GPS/GNSS* receiver, which can deliver accurate heading and pitch or heading and roll information in addition to high-accuracy positioning.

The receiver is designed as an ‘install-and-forget’ device, enabling machines and autonomous systems with access to heading and pitch or heading and roll information immediately from power-up, allowing trajectory path optimization and fully informed navigation. It is designed for quick and easy integration into any machine monitoring or control system and packs performance and durability into a single ruggedised box.

Chris Lowet, product manager at Septentrio, said: “The AsteRx SB ProDirect brings the very essence of GNSS positioning and position independent heading, needed for robotics, machine control and similar applications”, said C “It comes in a simple no-frills, ruggedized, easy-to-install package so you can quickly get started and have reliable positioning and heading throughout your project.”


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