Spare Parts in the 3rd Dimension

LinkedIn + is announcing a new 3D printing spare parts services for agricultural machinery. It is offering obsolete and hard to find spare parts for agricultural machinery, on-demand. For anyone with expensive kit that is standing idle for the want of a spare part, this will be welcome news.

3D printing has been disrupting machine repairs across industries for a while. Now the technology to make a tangible difference in the everyday is here. With BuyAnyPart’s tech solutions they can create almost any obsolete mechanical part for anyone who needs it.

Your agricultural spare part can be modelled on a computer, using CAD (Computer Assisted Design) software.  Likewise, worn-out machine parts or prototype machine parts can be scanned with a specialist 3D scanner.  Once scanned, these parts can then be transformed into tangible and fully functional parts using an industrial 3D printer. Not only that, but you then have the capacity to create as many as required! That means the search for obsolete or difficult to find spare parts is over.

David Smith, CEO of BuyAnyPart believes this could be a game changer “up until now farmers have had to reply on the OE or replacement parts market to keep their machinery running. But as machines age and fewer are in operation the spare parts get more and more difficult to source. Farmers can find themselves spending more time looking for a part than fixing the machine, if the part is available at all! We aim to change that by providing them a 3D printing service.”

Depending on the material used, the 3D printed machine parts can be used as permanent replacements or as guides (or test runs) before machining the actual replacement.  They could also be used as temporary replacements until a genuine part arrives. If you have an idea BuyAnyPart can make it.

The filaments and machines used to 3D print spare parts has evolved rapidly in recent years, providing durability, strength and precision. is offering that same tech, to provide the consumer in the agricultural industry with the ability to 3D print spare parts that are hard or even impossible to source through the usual channels. Forget obsolescence or scouring the Internet for hours. These parts will now be readily and easily available exactly when you need them.

“The usefulness of a tractor shouldn’t be determined by the availability of spare parts.” Chris Hansen, Chairman and Founder BuyAnyParts.

At BuyAnyPart, 3D printing is the present – the possibilities for the agricultural industry are massive and virtually endless. You can start exploring these exciting opportunities right now.


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