Spray Assist update combines application and agronomy advice

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A new update to the Syngenta Spray Assist App sees the innovative integration of agronomy advice to enhance decision making of appropriate application techniques.

The first installment covers current pre-emergence herbicide applications, with factors that influence treatment timing advice, incorporating weather, soil moisture, crop emergence and weed germination.

Spray Assist will provide a five-day forecast of how each the interacting factors might influence results, that will enable users to evaluate the optimum time for their pre-emergence applications. Information is presented in an easy to use traffic light system.

The App also suggests the most appropriate nozzle selection to achieve the best possible results in the conditions, or where application should be avoided if not suitable.

Users can fine tune with field soil type, with allied agronomy information provided such as the implications for black-grass seed dormancy status.

Introducing the Spray Assist App update, Syngenta application and digital agriculture specialist, Kiera Holland, highlighted integrating agronomy information alongside application advice would be a key development for all treatments in the future.

“This first update for pre-em herbicides is a beta model to fully evaluate feedback from operators and agronomists,” she reported.

Kiera Holland

Kiera Holland

“Application and agronomy decisions cannot be taken in isolation. Providing more information in clear graphical format, that can be quickly and simply interpreted, will help to make better decisions on the move.”

Other developments in the new update include a wider selection of nozzle choice, with advice for the Top 5 suggestions for each application.

The Syngenta Spray Assist App provides guidance for:

  • 16 different crop types
  • Over 45 application timings and targets
  • More 10 leading nozzle manufacturers
  • Over 600 different nozzle types

“Digital technology offers huge potential to provide up to date decision support solutions,” advised Miss Holland.

“Future developments with the Spray Assist App will instigate a platform to further help make better informed decisions, that can tailor agronomy and application techniques to optimise results.”

Spray Assist is free to download now from the App Store or Google Play. Registered users will receive further free updates as they are developed and released.

The new app is one of a suite of agronomy tools developed by Syngenta as part of the New Farming Technologies initiative, to harness the future potential for digital.

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