Sulky Burel launched updates and improvements to fertiliser spreaders at Agritechnica 2017

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Sulky Burel launched updates and improvements to its X40+ and X50+ flagship fertiliser spreaders, and its DX30 and DX30+ range, at Agritechnica. The X40/50+ range of fertiliser spreaders now feature two additional pieces of equipment; a hydraulic drive solution for the spreading discs, and right and left low-level sensors. The DX30 and DX30+ are now ISOBUS compatible allowing increased precision placement of fertiliser.

X40+ and X50+

The hydraulic drive solution for the spreading discs works independently of the engine speed making it possible to keep the spreading disc rotation speed constant. This allows the machines in the X40/50+ to work with a low tractor engine speed (1,500 rpm) and is particularly useful in situations where maintaining a constant PTO speed is challenging.

The addition of the hydraulic drive solution to the X40/50+ improves performance and usability threefold. Coupling is now simpler, thanks to the two hydraulic valves that have replaced the universal joint. Even-spreading is assured in all conditions, as the hydraulic drive ensures constant disc rotation when used on uneven terrain. Fuel consumption is reduced by spreading with a lower engine speed, lowering the cost of running a high capacity fertiliser spreader, like the X50+, particularly when coupled to a high horsepower tractor.

The central hydraulic unit is factory-fitted and replaces the PTO drive. It is recommended where PTO is not available or limited to only 1,000 rpm.

The right and left low-level sensors are now available on the ISOBUS versions of the X40/50+ fertiliser spreaders, increasing the productivity of machines fitted with ECONOV section cut-off or GPS adjustment.  The sensors make it possible to know exactly when one side of the hopper is nearing empty, giving sufficient warning to the operator to refill the hopper and avoid working empty.

DX30 and DX30+

Operators of DX30 and DX30+ machines will benefit from improved precision via the addition of ISOBUS connectivity functions currently enjoyed by users of the flagship X40/50+ range.

ISOBUS functions including application rate adjustment and section cut-off make it possible to   activate the Stop&Go function. This function drives the automatic opening and closing of shutters at the headlands depending on the GPS position of the machine. Spreading at half-width is also possible, to optimise the accuracy of overlaps.

ISOBUS connectivity in the DX30 and DX30+ is achieved by the addition of an ISOLINK converter. This allows connection to a compatible existing ISOBUS Universal Terminal, or users can purchase the Sulky Quartz 800 console. Compatibility can be checked using the AEF ISOBUS database

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