Talks on glyphosate fail: Smith responds

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The European Commission has announced that talks on the renewal of the glyphosate licence, due for renewal on December 15th have again failed to reach an agreement.14 countries voted to renew the licence while 9 voted against and there were 5 abstentions.

Authorisation will run out 15th December if agreement cannot be reached. The renewal of the licence has faced opposition from some member states, including France and the Commission appears to be deadlocked on the issue. Last month MEPs voted for a five-year phase-out and full ban by 2022 of the chemical.

The NFU has called for decisive action to be taken by the European Commission to reauthorize its use and stop the politicisation of the process.

Guy Smith, NFU Vice President, said: “Once again we are left in a situation where no decision has been made on the reauthorisation of glyphosate – one of the safest plant protection products on the market which secures so much environmental benefit in terms of better soils and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

“Allowing Member States to continue playing politics over this decision despite overwhelming science and evidence showing glyphosate’s safety does nothing but undermine the credibility of the EU’s regulatory bodies and the entire regulatory process.

“We ask the Commission to stand by its own science and regulatory procedure, and re-authorise glyphosate for the maximum period possible. It cannot stand by and allow the issue to be politicised any longer.”

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