The Allerton Project: helping profitable farming make space for nature for thirty years

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A new book by agro-ecologist Professor Chris Stoate tells the remarkable story of the Allerton Project in Leicestershire and its pioneering research into sustainable land management.

For more than 30 years the Allerton Project, established by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT), has been at the cutting edge of research into sustainable farming methods, biodiversity and habitat creation, and rural landscape management. Combining a modern, productive farm with a full-time research team, the Allerton Project has advised farmers and influenced policy since its inception.

Farming with the Environment presents and discusses 30 years of research into the challenges of integrating profitable farming with often competing environmental and societal objectives. The book is especially relevant to the implementation of the government’s Environmental Land Management scheme.

“The book draws together peer-reviewed research and some as yet unpublished work to tell a coherent story about the effects of different farming methods on wildlife and the environment that is very relevant to the development of current policy,” said Chris Stoate.

Wide range of topics

Topics covered include soil health and management, farmland ecology, development of management practices to enhance biodiversity, natural flood management, water quality and aquatic ecology.

The book has been designed to provide accessible guidance and recommendations to farmers, conservationists and policymakers. It reveals complex topical debates about land and wildlife management, examining the historical context and pointing the way for future direction of travel.

“I hope I have demonstrated how the findings of the Allerton Project’s research relate to agricultural and conservation policy more broadly as well as how they are applicable to similar projects throughout Europe,” said Professor Stoate.

“The book is also a celebration of the collaboration between the Allerton Project’s small research team and the many PhD students, research organisations, universities and NGOs we have had the privilege of working with over thirty years.”

Farming with the Environment – Thirty Years of Allerton Project Research, is published by Routledge and available from the GWCT Shop for £29.99.

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