The latest PGRO recommended lists show that LSPB varieties bring pulse growers an impressive choice of bean and combining pea varieties

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The latest Recommended Lists (RL) for field beans and combining peas announced on November 27 by PGRO show that LSPB varieties continue to offer pulse growers a wide choice to meet their yield, agronomy and marketing priorities.

For field beans, Lynx remains the top variety on the RL with proven yield and agronomic characters – including its downy mildew rating of 7.  The well-established varieties Fanfare and Vertigo remain fully recommended, and are joined by three new provisionally recommended varieties – Macho, Ghengis and Yukon. Macho is notable for its large seed, and Yukon has a downy mildew rating of 8, the highest on the RL, as well as being the earliest ripening (9).

LSPB has both varieties in the LVC (low vicine/convicine) category which was introduced into the RL last year. Victus and Tiffany have a high protein and low vicine and convicine content, attributes that will help to further develop the UK pulse market with end users – for example, increasing the use of beans for processing and food ingredients.

Turning to combining peas, the company has a similar wide choice of varieties, led by the fully recommended and high yielding large blue pea Bluetime, which is joined by the new P1 large blue Greenwich. Croft and Blueman make up the other LSPB RL large blue varieties, with Blueman notable for having the highest downy mildew resistance rating of 8.

Also newly added to the PGRO RL for white peas is Orchestra with high yield and thousand seed weight.

Theo Labuda, LSPB’s Managing Director commented, “we are proud of the wide range of pulse varieties we offer, and with five new spring bean and combining pea varieties added to the PGRO Recommended Lists this season, our continuing, focused breeding effort is achieving increasing yield and agronomic benefits for growers.”

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