The Most Accurate Hand-Held Moisture Meter

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New to the market for 2017 and on show at LAMMA, Farm-Tec Ltd are proud to announce the release of the DICKEYjohn MiniGAC plus, the most accurate hand-held moisture meter.

The new MiniGAC plus utilises 149MHz technology, matching moisture meters at grain stores and mills. It provides unrivalled hand-held results for moisture, temperature and hectolitre weight, saving money on drying costs and delivering confidence when trading. It uses UK derived and monitored calibrations and can preloaded with up to 20 separate product calibrations. The MiniGAC plus delivers consistent accuracy, proven through its inclusion in the leading UK proficiency ring-checks*. Over the last six months, it has delivered results comparable to significantly more expensive laboratory instruments. Its combined results for wheat and barley show an average variance from the oven mean average of just 0.16%**.

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