Topcon X25 and X35 acheive official ISOBUS certification

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LH Agro, Topcon’s preferred UK dealer for its range of precision agriculture systems, is pleased to announce that the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) has officially certified the Topcon X35 and X25 consoles for a key range of ISOBUS functions.

In compliance with the relevant AEF ISOBUS Guidelines (including corresponding parts ISO-11783 standards) the X35 and X25 are certified for the following functionalities all of which help to improve the workflow of information between machines, implements and in-cab devices:

  • UT 2.0

Universal Terminal.  Enables the operation of different implements from the same terminal. UT 2.0 functionality standardises the communication between implements and terminals. The UT 2.0 AEF test covers the Virtual Terminal (VT) 3.0 standard.

  • AUX-N 1.0

Auxillary Control – new.  Enables the control of certain implement functions which support the AUX-N standard by means of an additional control element such as an externally mounted joystick. The use of AUX-N compatible equipment allows the operator to simplify tasks such as switching the machine on or off or unfolding the implement.

  • TC Bas 1.0

Task Controller basic (totals).  The implement provides the basic total values for the work being performed. This data can be exchanged between the farm management system and Task Controller in ISO-XML format. Jobs can easily be imported to the task controller and/or the finished documentation can be exported later.

  • TC Geo 1.0

Task Controller geo-based (variables).  Allows the user to carry out map-based tasks including variable rate applications.  It also records applications made and position information for enhanced traceability.  This data can then be exported in the universally recognised ISO-XML format.

  • TC SC 1.0

Task Controller Section Control.  Enables the automatic switching on/off of sections based on GPS position and desired degree of overlap. This allows the user to optimise product usage and to ensure application only occurs where required.

As well as the certified ISOBUS functionalities listed above, the Topcon X25 and X35 consoles also offer other features for which there is no certification test yet.  These include

  • Peer control: allows information to be transferred between a sensor, the task controller and the implement in real time. This offers improved flexibility by enabling instant application changes to be made according to variations in the crop.
  • File Server (FS): enables information such as implement configuration data or software updates to be received from, or loaded to an applicable ECU.
  • Diagnostic Server (DS): provides an interface to check which devices are present on the ISOBUS, how they are set up, plus other information such as their AEF certification level and firmware version.



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