Traditional insecticide returns for whitefly control in protected ornamentals

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A modernised version of a traditional insecticide has returned to the market to help protected ornamental growers control glasshouse and tobacco whitefly.

As options for whitefly control in protected environments continue to decline, the introduction of Applaud® 25 SC (buprofezin) offers a welcome addition to the armoury, explains Selchuk Kurtev, Certis’ IPM Manager.

“The presence of a small number of whitefly can quickly reproduce to high population levels, which can cause significant problems if left uncontrolled.

“Applaud® 25 SC is an insect growth regulator, which successfully controls whitefly in egg, nymph and pupae growth stages, before they have a chance to develop into adults and reproduce.”

Mr Kurtev adds that implementing a full IPM approach, which includes utilising all the tools available to control the pest, is key for successful control.

“Whitefly is a year round pest that overwinters well in UK. They become active in warmer temperatures between 10°C and 35°C, so now is a key time for growers to review their IPM strategies.

“Monitor crops and look out for signs of honeydew, chlorotic spotting on leaves and distorted plant growth,” he advises.

“When whiteflies are notably present, I recommend applying Applaud 25 SC at a maximum of 80ml per 100 litres of water, ensuring good coverage with maximum of 1L/ha dose rate.

“Growers must not exceed 1,200L of water volume per hectare. If required, follow up with second application after a minimum of 22 days to avoid resistance build up.”

For best results, Mr Kurtev recommends alternating the product with other efficacious insecticides, such as Botanigard WP or Majestik, to help minimise the risk of resistance build up.



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