Vaderstad launches new high speed precision tempo drill

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Vaderstad has launched the new Tempo L 8 as well as introduced new configurations to its 12 and 18 models.

The new Tempo L models combine excellent high-speed planting precision with high capacity output of both seed and fertiliser. Tempo L 8 has eight row units, a 3000 litre fertiliser hopper and row spacing options from 700-800mm.

Changing row units from eight to 12 makesthe drill very versatile. The 12 row configuration enables narrow row spacing alternatives from 450 to 508mm.

The new 3000 litre fertiliser hopper is available for all eight, 12 and 18 row Tempo L models. The new fertiliser hopper is optional for existing Tempo L 12 and Tempo L 18 models. It is fitted with the same high capacity Fenix III metering system as the 5000 litre hopper, and is able to deliver up to 350kg/ha fertiliser at 15km/hr planting speed.

The Tempo L 8 and the new fertiliser hopper solutions as well as and new row spacing alternatives for Tempo L 12 and Tempo L 18 will go into production in November 2019.

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