Volunteers and vehicles needed for Ukraine mission

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Northampton-based Acres Insurance Brokers is searching for additional volunteers and second-hand vehicles as it looks to deliver a further eight 4-wheel drive vehicles and essential aid supplies to Ukraine.

In October 2023, Acres Insurance Director Nigel Wellings was involved in organising the MOTs, repairs, and insurance for six 4×4 vehicles, along with obtaining and delivering supplies to the Ukrainian front line.

Now, two years on from Russia’s invasion of the country the situation continues to be catastrophic with ongoing missile attacks and shelling.  “Every nine minutes, evacuation of the wounded is attempted in Ukraine. The vehicles we donate are driven by volunteer medics and paramedics, humanitarian bomb disposal teams and combat teams to transport injured soldiers to receive medical attention,” Nigel explains.

Many of those involved in the Ukrainian war come from farming backgrounds, and because of this, rural communities have been particularly affected. Ukrainian farmers are battling to grow and ship their crops, leaving many forced to scale down or abandon agricultural activities.

“Ukraine’s agricultural sector is an important source of income for the many Ukrainians living in rural areas. The impact of the war has caused disruptions to value, supply chains and price volatility, causing detrimental issues to Ukraine’s agricultural economy,” says Nigel.

“At Acres, we are an insurance brokers specialising in providing farmers and rural businesses with independent insurance advice. Our mission to Ukraine aligns with our objectives of supporting those working in agriculture and rural areas,” Nigel adds.

In April, Nigel and a convoy of Acres clients, friends, and ‘Driving Ukraine’ volunteers will head to Ukraine, this time, with a further eight vehicles in addition to tyres, jackets, energy bars, energy drinks and blankets. Along with repairs and maintenance work needed ahead of their mission, all have kindly been donated by Acres’ clients, local companies or purchased by Acres Insurance.

“The journey will entail a two-day drive across France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, and Poland, with the convoy set to arrive at the Polish-Ukraine border by 16 April. Following this, the last stretch of the journey will take them to Lviv in western Ukraine, where the trucks will be handed over to the workshop, ready to be resprayed before being distributed across the country,” says Nigel.

Acres is actively searching for further vehicle donations and urges people to contact them if they have an old truck they wish to donate. These vehicles need to be 4-wheel drive and have a valid MOT or be capable of passing an MOT without significant work. Acres is also seeking further volunteers to drive the additional vehicles.

For more information on volunteering, donating supplies, vehicles or funds for accommodation, food, and petrol, please contact Nigel Wellings directly.

Nigel can be reached on 07850 611576 or at nigel@acresinsurance.co.uk



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