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Visitors to  Hutchinsons at LAMMA will be able to hear about the ground-breaking trials that prove the use of Omnia Precision Agronomy results in yield increases and lower costs of production.

The trials conducted across the East Midlands last autumn compared variably drilled wheat alongside a farm standard rate on spilt fields, which were then taken to yield.

The statistically-valid work has proven that using Omnia Precision Agronomy can increase yields by an average of 0.6t/ha, worth £99/ha (based on wheat at £165/t).

“`This went up to 1.4t/ha or £240/tonne in some cases which is a significant increase – and was achieved with lower costs of production,” says Nick Strelczuk, precision technology specialist for Hutchinsons.

When combining this yield data with Omnia’s cost of production tool, it is possible to calculate the cost/tonne of producing the crop for different areas of the field.

“The calculations showed that costs for the area drilled variably were lower and in these trials by as much as £28/tonne ( an average of £15/tonne– so not only were we getting better yields but the cost of producing these yields was lower with Omnia,” he adds.

“This is really exciting news for the industry as it is the first time that we have been able to prove the financial benefit of the features that using Omnia for variable rate applications offers to growers such as more even establishment and targeting inputs.”

Autumn 2018 Omnia Validation Trials

3 winter wheat farm trials in Lincolnshire and Leics

Variable drilling using Omnia produced a more even crop establishment

Omnia produced increased yields up to 1.4t/ha, average yield increase was 0.6t/ha.

At a feed wheat price of £165/tonne this benefit is worth an average of £99/ha, and up to £231/ha

Using Omnia costs of production are lower and in this case by as much as £28/tonne

Also on display at from Hutchinsons at LAMMA is Connect, a cost-effective iPad app that has been designed to simplify precision farming by connecting the user to the machine to enable variable rate control.

  • Connect allows the user to seamlessly and instantly receive variable application maps created in Omnia in the field
  • There is no handling of data and maps can be sent by any user to anywhere
  • Connect is really cost-effective in that it is one system that can be used across multiple machines and operations
  • There is no need to go out and buy any new expensive machinery; it enables variable rate control on existing machines, and there is no expensive machine unlock codes
  • Connect is compatible with a wide range of machinery including Amazone, KRM, Kuhn, Vaderstad, Horsch, Mzuri, Sky, RDS and more

As a business Hutchinsons continues to invest heavily in all areas of research and development. Precision technology is a key part of agronomy for the future as growers look at ways that they can improve productivity in light of the imminent changes to support payments, whilst also demonstrating sustainability.

To find out more about how Hutchinsons agronomists can help you to increase your profits whilst reducing your costs, please visit us at Stand No  10. 908 (Hall 10).






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