Wembley continues its consistent, high-yielding performance on the new AHDB recommended lists, with Mentor still the only clubroot resistant recommended variety

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The new 2017-18 AHDB winter oilseed rape Recommended Lists show LSPB’s hybrid variety Wembley maintaining its consistent performance in the East-West region. While specially-recommended Mentor continues on both North and East-West lists as the only clubroot-resistant variety.

Wembley has once again performed extremely well in Recommended List trials, proving its continuing high gross output over the four trial years between 2014 and 2017 as shown on the latest RL. In addition to this, it has low gross output variability both in the UK figures shown and in the detailed East-West data where its low variability is even more marked. Many growers now look to consistency as measure of performance that is as equally important as outright yield.

The variety also brings good agronomic characters to growers with stem stiffness and high resistance to lodging – good autumn vigour, spring vigour and early flowering time – plus resistance to light leaf spot and stem canker.

Mentor is the only winter oilseed rape variety with a specific recommendation for clubroot on the North and the East-West regions of the AHDB Recommended List. It is recommended for growing on land infected with clubroot and is resistant to common strains of clubroot, although not all.

Clubroot is an increasing problem in oilseed rape crops and one that had been intensified by too-close rotations. Once land is infected with clubroot spores, it could be up to 15 years before it is likely to be clean again. Preventative action is built round rotations that alternate oilseed rape with cereals and break crops such as pulses.

Looking beyond the current year, LSPB’s upcoming varieties Crome and Walker are now starting their journey through the official trials system and showing promise. In the longer term, there are further improved oilseed rape varieties progressing now in private trials and planned for official trials in due course.

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