What to do if the pound strengthens again

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During the last year the UK has relied on a weakening pound to support its grain prices in a challenging market.

The pound reached near parity with the Euro on 29 August this year, when £1 was worth €1.0757 (source: European Central Bank).

Jack Watts, AHDB Lead Analyst, said: “This helped our export industry, but we may not have the same luxury in the next 13 months. It will be critical for businesses to be aware of the global context in 2017/18.

“AHDB’s Grain Market Outlook Conference will help the industry get this vital context. This year we have a programme making the most of our in-house expertise, representing decades of experience in the industry.”

At the conference, AHDB will also launch new analysis on the post-Brexit scenarios facing UK agriculture.

Experts from the organisation, as well as other guests, will lead a panel discussion on the scenarios, with an opportunity for audience questions.

Jack Watts, AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds Lead Analyst said: “These scenarios will help us find positive ways to talk through the post-Brexit world.”

The Grain Market Outlook Conference, ‘Getting ready for a post-Brexit market place’, will be held on Wednesday 11 October at the Grand Connaught Rooms, London.

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