xarvio digital farming solutions at LAMMA

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xarvio is a first time exhibitor at LAMMA. The company offers digital products, based on a global-leading crop model platform, that deliver independent field-zone-specific agronomic advice.

xarvio will show its SCOUTING app and discuss two new functionalities, Multiweed Identification and Emergence Analysis. This free app helps growers and agronomists to detect in-field problems by taking a photo with their mobiles. It identifies weeds and plant diseases, counts and identifies insects, and analyses leaf damage and nitrogen status. The app can also scan and document multiple weeds and determine the average amount of plants per square metre. ‘Radar’ functionality also provides growers with an overview of what is happening in their surrounding area.

Also on show is FIELD MANAGER, a crop production optimisation system new to the UK, which is due for launch in spring 2020. The system provides field-specific insights into current status of crops by providing growth stage predictions, disease/pest risk, biomass maps, and crop protection management.

Key features include ‘spray timer’, which recommends optimum timing for crop protection applications, and ‘zone spray’, which gives field-zone specific dosage recommendations.

For the past three years, US decision agriculture specialist, Arable, has partnered xarvio to understand the measurements that power the FIELD MANAGER platform. The 2018-2019 pilot programme deployed hundreds of Arable’s Mark weather devices across Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany and Great Britain to collect field-level measurements including leaf wetness, precipitation, temperature, and vegetative growth, significantly increasing the accuracy and precision of spray window recommendations. Arable’s Mark weather devices will also be on the xarvio stand.

xarvio will also showcase a development project with Bosch – xarvio Bosch Smart Spraying. This exciting project brings together weed detection technology (xarvio), and smart nozzle expertise (Bosch), so herbicide is only applied when and where it is needed.

As the sprayer passes over the field, its on-board cameras record the vegetation over the entire area. A smart spraying management system analyses the sensor signals online and identifies the presence of a crop plant or weed. The system then controls the sprayer jets and the herbicide is applied as needed. Weed-free areas remain herbicide-free.

The entire procedure – scanning, identification, and application – takes just a few milliseconds and is performed in a single processing step.

Visitors will be able to see a prototype of this smart spraying technology on the xarvio stand.

xarvio is being used by farmers in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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