Arable Chat Episode 3: Regenerative agriculture, cultivation and biostimulants

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The latest episode of Arable Chat is now available to stream on all major platforms. Dive into the world of regenerative agriculture, cultivation and bio stimulants with Agronomist and Arable Farmer editor John Swire as he’s joined by Timac’s David Newton and Glenn Bootman from Opico, Heva and Sky Drills.

The episode looks into the variety of cultivation equipment farms use, and the advantages of regenerative with Glenn Bootman breaking down how soil health and carbon are central to the future of regenerative agriculture.

David Newton invites listeners to understand biostimulants work and their future role in agriculture as climate change impacts the face of farming.

You can listen to the latest episode here and if you listen on Apple Podcasts feel free to leave us a review.

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