Women in the World of Agriculture – an Arable Chat episode

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Following International Women’s Day in early March, Agronomist & Arable Farmer are delighted to welcome two incredible female guests onboard the latest episode of our podcast, Arable Chat.

Joining host and Agronomist & Arable Farmer editor, John Swire in this month’s episode is guest Louise Taylor, managing partner at Barbers Rural discussing the importance of succession planning, the stigma around the term and more.

Louise highlights in the podcast that the best time to start succession “I was asked this at the  NFU National Conference, when should I start succession planning and my answer is always, yesterday.”

Joining Louise on the podcast is Winner of the Young Agronomist of the Year award and Agronomist at Farmacy, Sally Cox.

Sally discusses her career so far, what the future may hold and as well as talking about dual purpose cereal cropping, looking at how cereal crops can be used for grazing in the winter and early spring, as well as being taken to final yield.

You can also find some of the latest news stories and more in this episode of Arable Chat. Available now on all major podcast platforms as well as via the following link:: https://anchor.fm/arable-chat/episodes/Women-in-the-World-of-Agriculture-e1gha8j

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