Harper Adams’ deputy vice chancellor joins Trinity AgTech’s scientific board

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Trinity AgTech has today announced the appointment of Professor Michael Lee, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Harper Adams University, to its Scientific Board.

The new appointment comes at a critical time as society’s priorities shift from fulfilling survival needs to promoting health and sustainability. With its digital assistant, Sandy, Trinity AgTech aims to position farmers at the forefront of this transition from a production to an innovation economy.

Professor Lee is an expert in sustainable livestock systems, defining their role in ensuring global food security at the same time as protecting environmental health. He graduated with First Class honours in Animal Science from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth in 1997 and gained a PhD in ruminant nutrition (protein and energy metabolism) from the University of Aberdeen in 2001.

Speaking on his appointment and the recent launch of the Harper Adams School of Sustainable Food and Farming, of which Trinity AgTech is an inaugural partner, Professor Lee said:

“The aim of the new school is to support the agricultural transition that has to take place. The agricultural industry has been phenomenally good at producing vast amounts of food because the focus has been on yields. Now we are aware that we need to farm in a more environmentally sensitive way which will look at that transition from chemical to biological agriculture.

“One major pillar that the School of Sustainable Food and Farming will focus on is policy and data – that’s where Trinity AgTech comes in. We need to have the best tools to inform farmers of the decisions that they need to make.

“What Trinity AgTech has developed with Sandy is a really exciting tool that we’ll be using with the School, helping our students innovate for a sustainable future. I’m thrilled to be joining the Scientific Board as it’s a fantastic opportunity to feed in our research, knowledge, and connections to ensure Sandy is a dynamic and progressive product.”

Chair of the Trinity AgTech Scientific Board, Professor Simon Potts, said: “We’re delighted that Professor Lee, one of the world’s foremost scientists focused on sustainable livestock systems, is joining the board. His expertise complements the considerable combined knowledge of its 30 members.

“The scientific integrity behind Trinity AgTech’s products is key to helping farmers cut through industry noise, bias and misinformation.

“With Professor Lee joining our Scientific Board, we can enhance further the integrity and value of our products that are based on the latest science, technology and industry-approved methodology. His research and scientific interests in livestock’s role in human and planetary health will help advance the continued development of Trinity AgTech’s suite of software.”

Trinity AgTech’s Scientific Board was established in 2019 and draws on expertise from across the industry to support the enablement and empowerment of farmers of all enterprises and size in this innovation economy.

For more information, and to register for a webinar that provides a demonstration of Sandy, (the next one takes place on 5 August, 2021) go to trinityagtech.com.


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