Alternative Oilseeds for Autumn Sowing

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An autumn sown break crop is an essential element in most UK farmer’s crop rotation. While providing the traditional ‘break’ from the pests, diseases and weeds that affect the major cereal crops, the benefit of having a non-cereal alternative in the rotation can contribute to soil structure, nutrient availability, and many other positive factors. 

For some, those benefits alone might be enough to justify growing their break crop of choice, but for most, the break crop they choose must also deliver a financial contribution. 

It is obvious to say but, after costs have been considered, achieving a profit from any crop relies on both the yield and the price. 

Achieving a reliable yield has become an increasingly difficult challenge for many growers over recent years. The nature of these challenges varies significantly; cabbage stem flea beetles in England; clubroot in the soils in Scotland; or simply the weather to name but a few! They have all played their part. 

There is no ‘silver bullet’. 

Price, on the other hand, is something that every grower can influence. 

Both of the alternative, autumn sown, oilseed rape options from Premium Crops have added value built into the contract terms….. 

HEAR Winter Oilseed Rape – Offers up to £400 per hectare more than a conventional ‘00’ OSR crop 

HOLL Winter Oilseed Rape – Offers a guaranteed premium of £50 per tonne over the ‘00’ OSR price 

And for growers looking to extend their rotation or replace a poorly performing break crop, there is another option… 

Winter LinseedNo flea beetles, No clubroot, Lower Inputs and a much wider sowing window than OSR 

All Premium Crops contracts are ‘Produce of an Area’, are supported by a dedicated team of Specialist Crop Agronomists with regular Grower Bulletins and come with a full package of logistics and crop marketing services. 

To discover more visit the new look website at, call 02392 632883, or come and see us at…

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