Food giant Nestlé announces new partnership to improve farmland resilience

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Nestlé has announced a new partnership with The Allerton Project.

The partnership will provide an opportunity for farmers and suppliers of Nestlé to receive practical, context-based land management advice to deliver positive environmental outcomes on their land.

A programme of farm visits and technical workshops will also be offered to farmers participating in Nestlé’s agricultural programmes, including Landscape Enterprise Networks (LENs). LENs is a trading network that brings together a diverse range of land-dependent businesses with farmers to collectively, and equitably address issues of landscape resilience and performance.  It is important to Nestlé that diverse farming networks can learn from one another and introduce practical, regenerative farming practices to help build and restore landscapes.

Nestlé regeneration lead Matt Ryan said: “Our partnership with The Allerton Project represents an important opportunity to move closer to our regenerative ambitions as a business and to build resilience into farming. Despite our global reach, unlocking the huge potential of regenerative agriculture lies in local, and context-based actions. This partnership not only promises to provide a platform for training and knowledge exchange amongst famers and suppliers, but also a common space for key decision makers within our organisation to understand the practical realities and barriers to a genuine transition to lower impact, nature-friendly production within our supply chain.”

Alice Midmer, assistant manager at The GWCT Allerton Project, added: “We are pleased to be working with Nestlé to help them realise their regenerative farming ambitions. It is encouraging to be working with big businesses who are committed to delivering at every level of their supply chain. For change to happen, we need to work together and this will be a working example of that.”

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