Innovative water-saving device from Yorkshire nominated for national farming award

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An innovative agricultural device invented in Yorkshire, which maximises water retention for crops by up to 99 per cent to boost crop yields, has been nominated for a national farming award.

Launched by Aquagronomy Ltd, the Wheel Track Roller Combi has been developed by retired Yorkshire farmer Charles Creyke and has made the shortlist of the British Farming Awards in the category of Machinery Innovator of the Year.

Charles recognised the problem of large tractors and heavy machines causing universal compaction of soil which restricts the infiltration of water, resulting in flooding. The Wheel Track Roller Combi is a practical solution for farmers to reduce surface water run-off and can be used for a range of horticultural and agricultural crops.

The self-cleaning Wheel Track Roller, which has proven itself during extensive trials backed by Government sponsors including Defra and The Environment Agency, features a uniquely shaped plastic roller which forms angled, elongated reservoirs holding the surface water until it naturally drains into the root systems of the adjoining crop.

Aquagronomy’s new product in basic form is designed for easy working in the tramlines to hold rain and irrigation water without waste and contamination. Specific attachments are available for converting the machine for specialised crop growing, including complying with recent soil and water regulations.

The Wheel Track Roller Combi has produced fantastic results, decreasing water loss by up to 100 per cent, and the national farming industry has recognised the pioneering technological development with the nomination.

Charles, from Huby in North Yorkshire, said: “We are delighted to make the finals of the British Farming Awards and are proud that the Wheel Track Roller Combi has already been acknowledged by the farming industry. We strongly believe that our product, which we are now taking to market, will vastly improve water retention for farmers and hence boost their yields. We are looking forward to the awards event and excited for the future, and to further developments for soil and water solutions under the Aquagronomy brand.”

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