NFU’s #YourHarvest campaign launches on TikTok

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The NFU have announced a new online campaign to celebrate the significant contribution made by  British arable farmers to the country’s economy.

The #YourHarvest campaign will launch on TikTok to remind young people of the farm to fork journey and to promote the industry. The NFU is hoping that the campaign will open the eyes of the younger generation to the harvesting process, how crops are used and how food ends up on their plates. The aim is for a stronger connection to be built between young people and British agriculture.

Speaking at the start of this year’s Cereals event, NFU combinable crops board chair, Matt Culley, said: “The NFU is always evolving its content to ensure we are staying relevant – TikTok is a growing part of that mix – and we’re excited to engage with a younger audience in this new way to build a positive connection.

“This year we will highlight the hard work of British arable farmers during harvest by bringing their stories to life through a series of short, fun and informative videos. Farming families will be describing what they are growing in their fields, how technology like GPS helps them harvest efficiently, and even showcasing the journey barley takes as part of the beer-making process.

“It continues to be a tough year for the arable sector with farmers’ experiencing unpredictable farm costs and ongoing market volatility. That’s why this year’s #YourHarvest campaign is more important than ever.

“Over the coming months we will be celebrating all the amazing crops our arable farmers grow such as wheat for your bread or barley for your beer and thanking the public for backing British farming and their continued support in buying locally produced, home grown food.”


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