The future and sustainability of Arable farming

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Arable Chat is back with a brand-new episode which sees two inspirational arable farmers join us to talk about sustainability and the future of the arable farming industry.

In light of the COP26 conference this month Matt Waldie, fourth generation farmer and manager of Gilston Mains in Fife, Scotland talks about his experience supplying and growing oats for Quaker Oats, and the importance of LEAF Marque accreditation following the encouragement of Pepsi Co.

Our second guest is Tom Martin, or as you may know him Farmer Tom. Tom discusses how he only enter back into the farming industry in the last 6 years after his career as business consultant and having worked at Universal Pictures. His now established initiative, Farmer Time, brings farmers and schools together to share knowledge with children about the farming industry including the origins of their food and hopefully encouraging them to pursue a career in farming.

If you’re interested in the Farmer time initiative, head to to sign up.

You can listen to the episode here and on all major podcast platforms and you can leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.

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