Timely advice for Farm Safety week

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Ahead of Farm Safety Week, taking place this week, hand surgeon Jill Arrowsmith, member of British Society for Surgery of the Hand has provided top tips of what to do if an accident happens at work.

The use of machinery and equipment in farm work means that farm workers are at higher risk of injuries, such a losing a finger. These injuries often require long recovery periods and work with hand therapists before patients can get back to their daily routines.

Jill suggests:

  •  When an incident happens, don’t put on a brave face: if the injury has gone all the way through the skin, go to hospital
  • At the scene, apply direct pressure to the bleeding and hold your hand up above your head to help stop the bleeding
  •           Before bandaging your hand, run your hand under water to clean away any dirt
  • Get an injection of tetanus immunoglobulin, as farmyard wounds are more likely to be contaminated by the tetanus germ (bacteria). The injection provides extra protection to a high risk wound

With these simple tips, those working on a farm can minimise their chances of getting hurt, and increase their recovery time if an accident does happen.

The British Society for Surgery of the Hand brings together multidisciplinary specialists to ensure patients with injured and disordered hands receive the best possible care when and where they need it.

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