DJI adds new drones to expand crop protection capabilities

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Building on the Agras product line, DJI has launched the T50 and T25 models, both of which are compatible with the upgraded SmartFarm app.

The T50 is the company’s flagship model, maintaining the coaxial dual-rotor design and 54-inch propellers from the previous models. It has a capacity of up to 40kg for spraying or 50kg for solids spreading, enabling outputs of up to 50 acres per hour.

Its dual atomisation spraying system provides flow rates of up to 16 litres per minute, operating through two sprinklers with adjustable droplet size. An additional pair of centrifugal sprinklers can also be fitted, increasing the spraying output to 24 litres per minute. When spreading solids, via a quick changeover process, the machine can spread up to 108kg per minute, or 1.5 tonnes per hour.

DJI has also developed its connectivity systems, with an upgraded four-antenna O3 Transmission system which reportedly extends the connection between the T50 and the remote control to up to 2km. In more complex environments, users can deploy a DJI Relay system to extend the range further.

Terrain following and obstacle avoidance have been upgraded with dual Active Phased Array Radars and binocular vision sensors, enabling the software to accurately reconstruct the drone’s surroundings.

The T50 is powered by a DB1560 Intelligent Flight Battery, offering 30Ah and 1,500 charge cycles. When paired with the D12000iEP Multifunctional Inverter Generator and Air-Cooled Heat Sink, it can be charged in just nine minutes.

The smaller T25 drone has a spraying capacity of 20kg, increasing to 25kg for granular products. Despite its more compact dimensions, many of the T50’s advanced features have been integrated into the T25, including multi-directional obstacle avoidance, terrain following, ultra-fast charging, one-tap takeoffs and automated functionality.

According to the company, over 980 million acres worldwide across 100 countries and regions have been treated by DJI Agriculture drones. Yuan Zhang, head of global sales at DJI Agriculture said: “With our proven solutions for crop protection, family farmers and large-scale growers can improve yields, reduce chemical usage, and cut costs, while minimising environmental impact.”

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