Bayer Crop Science launches plant-based protein research call for academics through IN-PART

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Bayer Crop Science is running a campaign through IN-PART’s Discover platform to find and fund new academic partners working on plant-based protein production for human health, sustainable agriculture, food and industrial applications.

There are a range of opportunities to partner with the Open Innovation team at Bayer Crop Science depending on the requirement of the project, including project/PhD funding, sponsored research and research collaboration agreements.

Shaping the future

“Bayer drives collaborations with partners who can help shape the future of agriculture,” said Raphael Dumain, head of Innovation Sourcing and Partnership Management for Bayer Crop Science. “Plant-based proteins can offer diverse benefits to consumers and across industries in the protein production and supply chain. We are looking forward to identifying new partners through IN-PART.”

Specifically, the Open Innovation team is looking for academic researchers and projects identifying novel and/or engineered protein candidates that can be produced in plant cell cultures or transformed plant systems. It’s anticipated that the research selected for further development will have applications in food, agriculture, and sustainability.

The deadline for submissions is the 17th of January 2022. The submissions should contain only non-confidential information and summarize the project in around 300 words. Submissions should be made to Discover. Discover is a bespoke industry scouting platform in use at more than 1,400 institutes that is free for academics and university research commercialisation teams.

More information about the technical requirements can be found on the Discover platform.

“We’re delighted to be working with Bayer Crop Science on this campaign to help them find new innovations and to drive positive impact on the environment and the food chain by providing a new pathway for innovative research,” said Robin Knight, Co-founder of IN-PART.

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