Calibrate your Avadex® applicator!

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As the autumn drilling season is almost upon us Barrie Hunt, the UK and Ireland Technical Manager for Gowan Crop Protection, is keen to highlight the importance of ensuring your Avadex applicator is effectively calibrated prior to its use.

“At a basic level, microgranule applicators should be carefully checked to ensure pipework is not kinked, constricted or blocked, that the deflector plates are correctly angled and positioned, and that the machine is calibrated to ensure the correct dose delivery from each outlet,” explains Barrie.  “We also advocate taking the extra step of checking the patternation to ensure that the actual spread of granules on the ground is even and accurate. Avadex Excel 15G micro-granules are very fine and this further step will help to maximize weed control and minimize off-target movement.”

Effective calibration

Gowan are keen to play their part in this process and therefore provide, free of charge, “dummy” Avadex granules for effective calibration.  These dummy micro-granules contain no herbicide active ingredient and are therefore safe for calibration purposes.

Mr Hunt was keen to make a further point about actual product use, “While it may seem obvious and important to triple rinse a liquid pesticide can, it is equally important to ensure that Avadex Excel 15G bags are completely emptied to avoid the risk of any remaining product ending up in the wrong place. Empty bags should then be folded and safely disposed of remembering that if you have any spills, no matter how small, be sure to sweep them up carefully.”

Contractors or growers needing any further information or a bag of “dummy” Avadex granules for calibration are invited to get in touch via the Avadex website and the Gowan UK team will be delighted to help.

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