Garford and RootWave agree eWeeding technology collaboration

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Garford Farm Machinery and RootWave have joined forces to develop non-chemical weeding solutions.

The two companies will work to develop a precision guided toolbar, integrating electrical weeding technology to clear weeds from high value and broadacre arable crops.

RootWave’s system uses high-frequency, alternating current electricity to destroy weeds and their roots. As well as being chemical-free, it does not disturb the soil and so can be used within organic and regenerative farming systems.

According to both manufacturers, the eWeeding system will be a cost-effective and high-performance solution, with estimated costs coming in between £55 and £120/ha.

This can be combined with grants, including the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF), or the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) to further reduce costs and make the system viable for smaller enterprises.

RootWave CEO Andrew Diprose said: “Combining forces with Garford allows us to create a formidable solution for the industry, combining best-in-class power electronics, imaging and artificial intelligence to create an unrivalled weed control solution for vegetables, cereals and row-crops.”

“It will alleviate the worries of farmers who are faced with an uncertain future where they don’t know if herbicides will be available, or will even be effective due to safety and resistance issues.”

Garford managing director Jonathan Henry said: “We are incredibly excited to pair Garford’s vast experience in precision guided hoes, with RootWave’s world leading expertise in power electronics.

“With the increasingly stringent controls over the use of chemical weed management, alongside resistance issues, we can support UK and global agriculture as it embraces its environmental responsibilities.

“Combining our technologically advanced precision guided weed control solutions, with the benefits of RootWave’s high frequency alternating current electrical weeding technology, we can create commercially viable and effective solutions to growers, as a key part of a sustainable, integrated weed management system.”




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