New Syngenta 3D ninety nozzle gets LERAP 4* rating

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The new Syngenta 3D ninety nozzle has been awarded a LERAP 4* rating. The highest rating available in the UK testing system, operated by Silsoe Spray Applications Unit, it recognises the unique 90% drift reduction technology (DRT) design.

Announcing the development Syngenta Application Specialist, Harry Fordham, highlighted the 4* rating was attained at up to 5 bar pressure for the 05, 06 and 08 nozzle sizes, which would assure operators could fully benefit from the drift reduction over a wide range of conditions and water volumes.

More even droplet spectrum

“Nozzles have typically only achieved their best LERAP ratings when operated at lower pressures, in order to reduce the proportion of more drifty fine droplets,” he explained. “The design of the 3D ninety consistently produces a more even droplet spectrum and maintains the pattern even at higher pressures. That give added flexibility to adjust pressure and forward speed on the move, to maintain the desired water volume application rate.”

Syngenta has engineered the 3D ninety with a pre-orifice design to generate the desired droplet spectrum. That means that it is fully compatible with the latest pulse width modulation (PWM) technology, unlike some designs of nozzle that use air-induction to create lower drift droplets.

A 4* rating effectively means the nozzle creates 90% less drift, compared to a conventional flat fan nozzle operating in the same conditions. “Reducing drift is essential to keep more of the product in the field and hitting the intended target. But it is also about having the right design and operation to give effective coverage to give maximum effect.”

Proven results

Mr Fordham highlighted trials have shown the angled design of the 3D ninety has proven to give results in pre-emergence herbicide applications at least as good, if not better, than the widely acclaimed and previous industry standard, Defy 3D nozzle.

“The key lies in the specific 55-degree angle of the nozzle design,” he reported. “With the very consistently sized droplets, that angle is optimised for all-round coverage of seedbed soil clods.” It is recommended to fit the nozzles to alternate facing forwards and backwards along the spray boom for best results.

Harry Fordham

In grass weed trials the 3D ninety has given an 18% improvement in control from a pre-em treatment of Defy + flufenacet/diflufenican, compared to the Defy 3D, and 31% better than an air-induction 90% DRT nozzle.

“The combination of the nozzle angle and droplet spectrum has also proven to be especially effective for foliar applications in dense crop leaf canopies, such as potatoes, beans and later treatments in oilseed rape.

“The angle of spray ensures there is good coverage of the top leaves, while the larger droplets provide the momentum to penetrate deeper into the crop. Together, it gives very effective spray retention throughout the canopy for better results.”

Each Syngenta 3D ninety features an integrated snap-lock cap, for quick and easy fitting onto the boom, in place of the conventional bayonet cap. Available now in the most popular 05 size, a full range from 03 to 08 sizes are planned to be available from the autumn.

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