Ludlow based manufacturer, McConnel has unveiled the next generation of its acclaimed, low ground pressure, self-propelled crop sprayer, the Agribuggy2 AB30.

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Redesigned from the ground up, the all new Agribuggy features a new Stage-V compliant Cummins engine, heavier-duty drivetrain and larger 3000-litres capacity spray tank for greater performance, durability, and output.

With a ground pressure of just 8psi when the 3000-litre capacity tank is fully filled, the new Agribuggy AB30 remains the market leading light-footed sprayer that allow growers to confidently treat crops in challenging ground conditions and allows for safe, productive working, earlier and later in the year.

Featuring a robust mechanical drivetrain, larger axles and all-wheel drive the AB30 offers safe, surefooted traction with the added safety of a mechanical HP24 gearbox and differential to arrest descent with engine braking – a reassurance not available with sprayers reliant on hydrostatic drives. The new OMSI drive axles provide improved traction and handling with a generous 750mm ground clearance when fitted with large diameter row-crop wheels.

New high powered Cummins engine

Powered by a new, high-performance Cummins 3.8L 148HP turbo charged diesel engine, the powerplant is Stage V compliant to Euro emissions standards. Delivering 600Nm of torque at lower revs and utilising an intelligent engine braking system, the new powerplant provides responsive power and performance both on the road and in the field.

Further performance optimisation provides exceptional fuel economy. Average daily consumption is circa 70 litres/day, a saving of up to 65% compared to large hydrostatic sprayers. A larger 110 Litre fuel tank provides additional working range. To ensure fast, effective heat dissipation of the powerplant, high efficiency cooling packs featuring reversible fan drive provide efficient cooling at all temperatures and engine loads.

In the cab, operators enjoy further refinements including category IV active filtration system, cruise control and additional 4WS features for reduced fatigue. An updated cab instrument layout includes a high-definition 7-inch full-colour display and software to optimise accuracy & sprayer control. Other upgrades include a new hydraulic powered braking system for enhanced performance, and LS hydraulics providing greater capability at lower engine revs.

Equipped with a 3,000-litre sprayer demount

The AB30 comes equipped with a 3,000-litre sprayer demount that has been internally baffled for extra strength and to prevent surges.  A new electronic sight gauge with LED display for tank contents and remote PTO control has been added for greater convenience and accuracy.  12/24m aluminium Pommier booms with a pressure recirculation system remain a standard feature.

“We’re excited to bring these new innovations and enhancements to the proven Agribuggy format. By listening to users’ feedback, we’ve been able to increase efficiency, economy, performance, and functionality even further.” Comments John Davis, Sprayer Sales Manager at McConnel.


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