New Fendt Loader Launched

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Fendt has developed a new front loader with a dedicated valve block, new weighing function, greater flexibility of movement, and heavier load carrying capacity. The Cargo 6 will be available on the new Gen7 700 Vario tractors and is the first Fendt loader to be fully independent, making it possible to use all the tractor valves with the loader attached.

“It is a function that will help in so many situations. Having a loader with three independent functions (lift, tip and a third valve) without using valves needed for other implements will save operators time and enable tractors fitted with this loader to be more versatile,” explains Fendt’s Ed Dennett.

A clever new hydraulic locking function enables tools to be changed in any position with the added benefit of an easy-to-use mechanical lock and without having to crowd back the loader fully. Maintenance time has also been considered by positioning all hydraulic components in the cross beam to reduce dirt and mechanical damage.

The loader has a continuous lift capacity of 3,500 kilos and a maximum lift capacity of 4,150 kilos. This combined with a 4.85 metre lift height and a loader frame width of 1,140 mm offers greater loading stability and flexibility, especially with the new 2.55-metre-wide bucket.

Integrated weighing function

The top CargoProfi model features an integrated weighing function offering both individual and total weight in each position. The button activated weighing function is also fully integrated into the Varioterminal, so operators can access loading data such as the counter and target weight.

A new ‘memo’ function will also store boom and tool positions which will be especially popular on machines used by multiple operators. Operators can limit the lifting height and tilt angle, and store these as pre-sets, which will help to reduce the risk of catching low buildings or when loading very high trailers.

End position and speed-dependent damping ensures the front loader is raised gently and smoothly and will help to minimise losses, whilst a shake function has been introduced to help deposit stubborn materials. Hydraulic accumulators act as shock absorbers to prevent vibrations and a built-in cushioning system, together with front axle suspension and cab suspension to improve ride comfort.

“This is a great example of honing a rudimentary piece of machinery to improve operational efficiencies and make life easier for the operators spending hours in the driving seat,” concludes Mr Dennett.

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