New Krone BaleCollect feature improves bale handling

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The new GPS auto feature on the Krone BaleCollect bale accumulator makes bale handling easier and more convenient, by allowing bales to be deposited automatically at right angles along pre-set virtual lines.

Depositing bales in this way ensures efficient bale collecting, less field traffic and operator hassle. In the past, operators had to trigger the unloading function manually, which meant that not all bales were deposited along straight lines.

The GPS-controlled auto depositing feature is designed with contractors and large scale farmers in mind, because it saves time and costs for bale transport by reducing fuel consumption, the number of tractor hours and working hours.

Another important benefit of this feature is increased work safety in awkward places and on the headland. Also, bales are no longer overlooked and accidentally left in the field. Field traffic can be significantly reduced too, leading to lower soil compaction issues, better field management and higher yields.

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