New Magna Dryer Control System for 2023

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Opico have introduced a smart control system for the latest automatic Magna dryer models.  Developed over the last two years and tested on farms across Europe and in the UK during the 2022 season, the system allows operators greater connectivity and remote control of their machine operations, via a mobile device. The easy to programme new control panel gives greater flexibility and clarity.

The intuitive new control panel features:

  • 7” HMI interface, user-friendly touch screen display, designed to operate in harsh environments
  • On-screen crop recipe selection and management
  • Customise machine operation to suit individual installations
  • Operator batch progress reports and machine alarms via SMS or email messages
  • Remote connection via smart phone/tablet/office PC for real time monitoring dryer operation and adjustment of settings as required
  • Works with any mobile network or wi-fi; 4G or above recommended for live data transfer
  • Remote monitoring and fault diagnosis support from OPICO/manufacturer for technical backup.

Commenting, Angus Steven, OPICO aftersales director said, “Operation, as well as technical support, can be actioned remotely – from general running to software updates.  Real time information cuts downtime and keeps drying operations running smoothly. Setting the dryer off is straightforward as it is pre-programmed for a number of crops, although it can also be easily adjusted to each farmer’s bespoke requirements.  I’m delighted with this new panel.”

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