New mintill and direct drill coulter points from Dutch Openers added to Spaldings tillage tools range

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A new range of seed drill coulter assemblies for mintill and direct drilling – including a conversion kit for Horsch CO drills – has been added to the extensive tillage tools range supplied by direct sales specialist Spaldings.

The Universal series coulter range from Canadian manufacturer Dutch Openers offers a choice of easily fitted low-draft points for single- and double-row seeding, band sowing and liquid or solid fertiliser placement.

They can be installed on a number of tine drill makes and models used in the UK and Ireland, with replacement bodies or frogs making it easy to convert to the new points.

“The Universal coulter assemblies from Dutch Openers have earned a good reputation for low draft, wear resistance and consistent seed placement,” says Nigel Whelan, Spaldings marketing director. “We’re stocking a range of popular models which can be purchased through our sales team or directly off our website, with more specialist designs also available to order.”

Dutch Openers is a division of Saskatchewan-based engineering firm Dutch Industries, specialising in coulters for mintill and direct drilling. The Universal series is the most versatile design; the other five ranges produced by the company are for specific North American seed drills or meet the particular requirements of more challenging soils and sowing conditions.

“Whether you prefer single-row, double-row or band sowing with or without fertiliser, the points in the Universal series all fit the same body,” explains Nigel Whelan. “And because they are held in place by just a single roll pin, they are quick and easy to exchange or replace.

Common features include wear-resistant tungsten facing, a prominent leading point for good soil penetration, and a shallow wing angle for low draft. The back of the rear-delivery points is designed to resist plugging up in wet soils.

Available from stock at prices from £42.30 to £92.70 each are a 25mm (1in) single-row point; 50mm (2in) and 127mm (5in) band sowing points; and double-row points in 64mm (2.5in), 89mm (3.5in) and 127mm (5in) sizes.

When the liquid or solid fertiliser delivery tubes are attached to the back of the double-row points, fertiliser is placed between and 9.5mm (3/8in) below the seed rows where it is readily available but with sufficient segregation to avoid scorch.

A leg conversion for Horsch CO and Sprinter tine drills enables any of the Dutch Universal coulter points to be fitted to these ploughed land or min-till tine drills for direct drilling into stubbles.

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