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The Manitou group, global leader in all-terrain material handling, will have a good representation on display of the new range of forklift-trucks dedicated to agriculture.

This new MLT (Manitou Loader Telescopic) range, named “NewAg”, provides a response to the current and future requirements of farmers. The NewAg range was officially launched at the 2017 LAMMA show. Comprising of 9 models, this range is characterised by a wide choice of transmissions, an entirely new cab with “Easy step” access, optimal visibility, improved soundproofing and numerous innovations providing comfort, performance and efficiency.

New to LAMMA 2018 is the MC18 forklift:with an overall width of 1450 mm and a height of less than 2 m on its “Buggy” version, the MC18 truck offers the user optimum visibility during handling operations thanks to a new panoramic glazed roof without a metal structure. This is composed of two tempered glass sheets separated by a plastic film (creating laminated glass). This combination ensures that the operator is protected from falling objects, meeting the requirement of ISO 6055 (FOPS) safety standards. This innovation allows the load to be monitored throughout the whole lifting operation. To provide users with even more comfort, the “double-skin” cover consists of a tough, rigid section and a flexible insulated section, ensuring that noise nuisance is reduced. With only 79 dB in the cabin while running, the operator works in optimal conditions, whereas the market average is 86 dB. “In close collaboration with our engineering office, we have designed an ultra-compact forklift that enables farmers to get around pathways easily. It is a product that is perfectly suited to market gardeners and nursery people working in sometimes difficult terrains. With a total cost of ownership among the lowest on the market, we can say that with the MC18 we have reinvented the rough-terrain forklift!”, says Patrick Laridan, Lift Truck Marketing Manager and Product Development.

The MC18 delivers a ground clearance of 30 cm, the highest on the compact truck market. This development gives it greater versatility on all types of ground, and makes obstacle clearance significantly easier. The floor height, accessible without steps, is retained thanks to optimization of the machine’s engine components and allows the operator to enter and exit the cab effortlessly.

The MC18-4 offers the option of switching from 2-wheel to 4-wheel drive, whether the machine is in operation or not. The 4-wheel drive mode gives the MC18 improved driveability and traction, so it is easier to make difficult crossings. By switching to 2-wheel drive, the operator can reach a speed of 25 km/h and increase productivity gains. This means that fuel consumption is reduced by 12.5% in the handling cycle optimizing the TCO of this machine.

This model has been designed to make it easy to access the engine via a cap located just behind the operator’s seat. The user can check the various levels without needing to lift up the cab or have special tools.


Also launched at LAMMA will be the next evolution of the GEHL 750. The T750 boasts the same power and speed as the 750 but features a telescopic lift arm with almost five meters of lifting height. This range represents a total of four new models (GEHL T650/T750 & MUSTANG 608T/708T) available in 2018. All four models are Stage 3B compliant with a Yanmar 46 KW engine powering the 600 series model and a Deutz 55 KW engine in the 700 series model. The models are an addition to the existing GEHL and MUSTANG family of articulated loaders and represent the telescopic expert’s expansion into telescopic articulated loaders.

With a weight of 5.5 tonnes the T750 is the largest articulated loader in the GEHL and MUSTANG family. The telescopic models will include the same convenient standard features found on their Z-bar siblings, such as a digital instrumentation display,Power-A-Tach™and a hand throttle. The T750 also benefits from productivity enhancing options like HI-Flow auxiliary hydraulics, LED work lights and 3-speed. “We’ve developed these units to meet the demand of customers who prefer articulated loaders,” says Nathan Ryan, product manager Manitou Group. He adds, “Visibility is limited on telehandlers, these units will offer our customers an option with 360 degrees of visibility to assure them that livestock and obstacles are clear from their travel path Another convenient feature, reversible wheels and adjustable fenders allow the machine width to change from approximately 1.6 metres to over 2.0 metres wide to maximize stability.



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