Pöttinger introduces new app to simplify harvest logistics

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Harvest Assist, the latest application from Pöttinger, is said to optimise forage harvesting by taking into account the volumes harvested, the distance between the field and the clamp and optimising the compaction in the clamp to achieve the best possible quality.

It enables real-time communication on both Android and Apple devices, enabling fields to be assigned to each machine for a clear overview of the fields to be harvested and their current status: e.g. whether they have already been raked or harvested.

Optimum harvest sequence

The algorithm calculates the optimum harvest sequence, providing operators with a clear overview and a sequence that will deliver crop the clamp at regular intervals, avoiding peaks. Thanks to the display, the company says it will also help part-time operators navigate to each field on the farm.

In the app, loader wagons, rakes, mowers, tedders, mergers and round balers can be added. Each operator gets an overview of the operations in each field and as soon as each stage is completed the driver can change the status of the field.

Live location view shows each member of the convoy on a map, transmitted in real-time to help optimise travel on narrow farm tracks and lanes. Using the app also ensures that the operator on the clamp can time their operations to distribute and compact each load.

The app is available as a free download for Apple and Android devices.

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