Viti-Culture 2019 – new wine industry event provides a showcase for latest Landini vineyard, fruit and orchard tractors

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A new event for vineyard owners and managers – as well as wine makers and the drinks trade – will provide a showcase for the latest Landini specialist narrow tractors.

Viti-Culture 2019 is thought to be the first event to encapsulate all soil-to-cellar aspects of the wine trade and bring together a range of viticulture, wine-making and business solutions under one roof.

This free to attend show will be held on 11 July 2019 at Plumpton College, East Sussex and is organised by Pitchfork Events, part of The Ramsak Group, a business originally set up as a co-operative to help farmers share resources such as machinery, but which is now a broader enterprise operating within the rural south-east of England.

Machinery dealer Horsepower UK, based at Selling near Faversham, Kent, supplies specialist equipment such as Wanner sprayers, Humus mowing and pulverising machinery, SALF orchard and vineyard access equipment, Weidemann wheel loaders and Ilmer handling equipment.

The company is also one of the UK’s leading dealers for Landini Rex 4 Series specialist fruit tractors, which are available in different configurations to suit a wide range of growing systems for grapes, soft fruit, top fruit and hops – any situation, in fact, where space for machinery is limited.

Vineyard versions of the Rex 4 can be configured to no more than 1.0m wide, for example; yet with a choice of power outputs from 70hp to 102hp – and up to 112hp for the orchard/soft fruit models – these are seriously capable tractors.

The latest-generation Rex 4 Series tractors come with a number of new and improved features designed to increase productivity and make operating the machines easier and more comfortable.

Among an expanded choice of transmissions, three-speed powershift is available for the first time, enabling operators to quickly change ground speed when towing or working soil-engaging implements without losing momentum.

Fingertip power shuttle shifting between forward and reverse also makes life easier and more comfortable for the operator – as does the front axle suspension developed to cushion the front end of the tractor as it passes over humps and hollows.

The front linkage and pto options add versatility and added productivity potential to the Rex 4 line-up, while new Eco pto gearing and Eco 40kph transmission options help fuel consumption by lowering engine speeds in work and during transport.

Landini manufacturer Argo Tractors has catered for all weathers with a choice of open platform or new flat floor cab – a design that is more comfortable than sitting astride the transmission tunnel.

It also offers a version of the cab with additional seals and a filtration system for incoming air that can be switched between regular and carbon filters to provide the maximum Category 4 rating for operator protection from exposure to pesticides at lower cost and greater convenience than other solutions.

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