Data transfer and exchange simplified by DKE Agrirouter

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Communication between different manufacturers data transfer networks is now simpler, faster and less costly to achieve due to the development of the Isobus DKE Agrirouter from Lemken and its agricultural partners.

Until now the reliable exchange of data between agricultural software applications has been challenging, but the DKE Agrirouter offers a digitalized solution using an internet-based platform for data exchange.

Data between partners – including machines, farm management systems, farmers, consultants and contractors – is encrypted to ensure transmission remains secure. Data is only transmitted and not stored permanently.

The data exchange platform has been developed and is distributed by DKE-Data GmbH and Co. KG, and the Agrirouter software is supplied by SAP. Agrirouter is free for users other than individual internet packages, app use, and for mobile data transfers. It is personalized to each user who always has control of the data.


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