First Showing of Mirco Semi-Mounted Plough in the UK

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Following the successful launch of the Maschio UNICO mounted ploughs last summer, a new bigger and ‘beefed up’ semi-mounted Mirco plough will be on the Maschio stand for an exclusive showing at LAMMA [Hall 6, OPICO Stand 6.230].

Expecting to be on sale in the UK this autumn, the new plough is based on a larger 160mm x 160mm main beam frame and has the option for in-furrow or on land/in-furrow ploughing to help keep the plough working the land, whilst protecting soil structure, in a range of conditions.

Requiring pulling power of 230- 400hp the plough will be available in 6 – 9 furrows in a shearbolt version and 6 – 8 furrows in the non-stop hydraulic (NSH) version. However, despite its ample size, the plough’s rear wheel is in constant contact with the ground which, alongside a unique pivoting headstock design, gives the plough a tight headland turning angle of over 100 degrees, making it effortless to manoeuver in tight corners, whilst chewing up the hectares with ease and speed.

The generous interbody clearance of 105cm also ensures the plough can be used even in wet conditions, coping with high levels of trash whilst avoiding blockages.

Overall handling of the machine is made straightforward with a standard hydraulic front furrow on the on land/in-furrow version ensuring the line-of-pull remains straight and true (when used in-furrow), whilst also being available as an option on the in-furrow version. The smooth turnover of the Mirco aids ease of operation, whilst also minimizing pressure and wear on the tractor linkage.

Furrow depth is kept constant in any condition thanks to a large 500/50 – R17 (Ø945x500mm) depth wheel which gives perfect ‘ins and outs’ and steady depth control of the plough.

The Mirco shares the same leg, body and skimmer design as the already successful UNICO plough range, building on the strong blueprint and build quality with:

  • Variable working width – mechanical or hydraulic variable widths available.
  • Quick-fit, rapid-adjust skimmers – a simple pin-and-hole set-up means achieving optimal trash burial is an easy task.

Commenting, Rob Immink, Maschio Sales Manager said, ‘The success of our mounted plough range has highlighted that farmers and contractors still need a range of cultivation options to cope with a variety of soil types, weed pressures and weather conditions. The new Mirco will complement our range, adding a larger plough which can be used with minimal soil impact, with the on land version being particularly suitable for tractors with tracks or dual wheels, working with GPS navigation.’


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